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Our strength and conditioning services are designed for any athlete who is looking to get the edge on their opponents. We can help build physical attributes to improve sports performance as well as helping an athlete become more resilient and robust, enabling our athletes to cope with the demands of their sport. We want athletes to only have to focus on their sport, we’ll take care of the rest.

The physical demands of sport are increasing season by season. It is no longer enough to just be talented or skilled at your chosen sport. An athlete needs to be strong, powerful, fast and robust enough to cope with these increasing demands.


Perform For Sport’s aim is to help athletes gain the physical tools to not only improve their performance-based attributes, but also ensure they do everything they can to reduce unnecessary injuries. We aim to help athletes minimise their time away from sports training sessions or competition.



1. Expert Coaching Staff

Every strength and conditioning training session has one of our specialist team on hand to help individualise programmes, ensure you are getting the most out of every session and if adaptations are needed they are always on hand to help advise, aid and coach.

2. Personalised Training Programme

Each athlete’s strength and conditioning programme is specific to their sport, goals and individual needs. The training plans are data driven and baed on sports science to help optimise improvements in athleticism and performance.

3. Sports Specific

Perform For Sport understands sport. We understand that an athletes training programme needs to help them become better performers at their chosen sport. The aim is to not just lift weights. We want to ensure all performance aspects are covered and busy sporting seasons and schedules are also taken into account. We’ll help plan when to train, how to train and ensure you understand how it helps your sport.


4. A Professional Training Environment

Perform For Sport offers the opportunity for athletes to train alongside likeminded individuals. The equipment and facility is geared towards sporting performance and athletes will not be fighting over kit or space, and there are always coaching staff on hand to ensure the highest quality of training is always on hand.

Perform For Sport has the availability to cover for 100 athletes in Suffolk and the surrounding areas. Our strength and conditioning programme offers everything an athletes needs to maximise their performance, reduce injury risk and continue to develop athleticism. We encourage all interested athletes to enquire at the earliest opportunity to ensure you don’t miss out on becoming the best athlete you can be.


Lucy Turmel 

Professional Squash Player 

"Perform For Sport is an incredibly professional place to train with knowledgeable and helpful staff. I love training there when I am in the area."
Cerys Leach 
Youth Basketball Player
Ipswich Basketball 
"Having used both the S&C and Injury Clinic services the team have always helped me stay strong and recover as soon as possible". 


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Perform For Sport

Unit 6 Alstons Court

Leslie Road


United Kingdom




Please feel free to contact our team with any questions you may have about our services and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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